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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

87 days til P2P

The title says it all.  So what have I been up to?  Not much.  Heeling the knee and testing it back out a smidge.  So out for a total of about 2 months and about a month to get back to running and some type of running shape, and through in going back to my Applied Kinesiogist / Chiropractor guy.  Oh and I went back to Wisconsin to stand up in my cousin Andy's wedding.  

So now what?  Fuck me is what, 87 days.  Last weekend I went on a good 13 miler.  Leaving the house and heading up hill to the trails by Council Crest, Marquem Trail, and then on to Forest Park onto the Wildwood trail and then back on the street.  Great run, a lot of fun, and the longest I have done since before the Knee injury.  So yes, I am pretty fucked.  Besides that though I feel great, ready to rock.

The big plan is to do the bare minimum of running during the week to do good long runs on the weekend.  Get the long runs in but avoid the high mileage weeks.  Before the injury I got up to about 50 miles per week and that felt like a good number, but we are in crunch time.  So no build just run for fun, focusing on long runs and lots of biking during the week.  Think is the best way to get ready and sounds like a blast to me for some Summer fun. 

I am listening to some Dire Straights right now and it is really fueling this writing frenzy I am putting together here, well comparatively at least to not writing.  Wisconsin sucks for food.  After living in Portland for a few years and getting used to the quality of food and selection we have I realize how much I value that.  

Well hope for maybe a Mt. Defiance or a Wildwood run this weekend.  Need to get a hydration running pack this week.  Thinking about the Nathan HPL #20. 

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