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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paleo-ish Diet

The first thing you have to know about the Paleo diet, it is very strict, this is included and that is not.  But the Paleo diet has been adjusted to help many different people accomplish many different thing.  So it is not as black and white as being a vegan per say, or what ever that phrase is.  So the sub genre of the Paleo Diet that I adhere to that my Dr. also recommend for me is the Paleo Diet for athletes, in particular endurance athletes.  And you pretty much nailed it Kev, lots of meat and veges and water.  Next comes some fruit and nuts, but it is easy to go over board with those two.  The idea is you run your body off of the carbs that your body can get from fat and protein, not carbs that are already carbs in your body.  

To get the real skinny on all of this, which is pretty explained there than here.  Check out the pdf that is called Clif Notes for Paleo Diet.
And the other pdf.s on there look pretty great.  

In short, cause I am always short on time and already an hour behind tonight (and please feel free to ask me any more on any of this, but won't ramble on for my own benefit), the Paleo diet has got me feeling better than I ever had before.  The only think I don't love about it is some of the implications of eating meat from an environment stand point.  This kevin you know much about, I would like to only add that all of our food is organic and local, or at least all of the meat and veges.  Beef that had come from local cows from the Oregon or Washington where the cows were grass fed and it is certified organic.  Chicken eggs that are from free range chickens that had organic vegetable feed that is local and so on.  So that means the food makes me not feel bad, as far as the small amount of conscience I have and it tastes great.  Wild animals are supposed to be the healthiest to eat, so just another reason to go hunting!  Might do that this year.

And my knee, I hate it.  Hurt it playing soccer about 3 weeks ago and haven't run since.  Been riding the bike again this last week and it is finally feeling better.  Jade said if she had hurt her knee I wouldn't let her run this race.  Which is probably true, and she reminded me of something else, I am an endurance runner, not so much an endurance racer.  But this race got my lazy ass of the couch this Winter so it is what it is.  Wonder if my weight loss has had anything to do with the knee injury, was down to 145lbs for awhile, before I started being able to put some back on.  Super light weight, too skinny, maybe need some more muscle just to hold everything in place.  Maybe too much running and not enough cross training.  Maybe too stressed out about work and this race and not just running to enjoy running.  I will be happy when the race is done and I can move on to the next stage in my life, but until then I am really trying to just enjoy the ride.  After all, I am just the PDX Endurance Runner. 

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