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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's been awhile.

Once you get out of the groove of posting, there always seems too much to catch up on.  So I will provide a list, you tell me what interests you, or maybe what interests you the most right now.

- Knee feels like SHIT after playing soccer for 10 minutes, haven't ran in 2 weeks. Kinda freakin' out.
- Been seeing an Applied Kinesiology Doctor who is also a Chiropractor and a Homeopathic Doctor to help me with a range of problems.
- Biggest difference to Doc has suggested was a diet change after doing some biofeedback tests, and now I am on a Paleo diet, well actually a Paleo Diet for Athletes.  Paleo as in Paleolithic, as in caveman diet, as in prior to high fructose corn syrup by a couple of years.
- Well this list seems pretty short all of a sudden:)
- Weight loss has been appropriate but I don't like it, need to put some weight back on but working so damn much. 

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  1. so you are eating raw veggies, water, red meat, nuts, fruits, am I missing anything?

    What is with the knee? Did you get in a street fight?