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Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Review

So January is over and the month went pretty well.  This next week and last week were extra busy putting in extra hours at work, but it's all good.  Good but busy, signed back up at the gym and that is nice.  As my homeboy inferred in a conversation (Roni's my boy!), the treadmill is not the dreadmill when you get to multi-task and it is crappy out.  Crappy for him means lung cancer from air quality issues.  Crappy for me means sprinkling out and running in a city.  Yes that means he is a bit tougher than me on that issue. 

Okay, weekly mileage for January; 30, 21, 24, & 37.  Not too shabby, right about on schedule.

Goals for February; 40 miles a week, strength training at the gym 3 times a week, hot tub and self inflicted deep tissue massage 1 time per week, each week long run 13 miles long at least.  

So you want to cause yourself pain also?  Serious this things make it possible for me to run, period, no they do not pay and they never will cause I am a terrible writer and slow, but that doesn't mean these don't work.  For self inflicting deep tissue massages, click HERE.



  1. well, did you run the P2P? love how you renamed my blog btw.

  2. I know right! Scarface quote, get it:)

    I have not ran the P2P, it isn't until September, jeez get off my back. I gotta start doing weekly posts with "weeks until" numbered and labeled as the title. I know that didn't make any sense to anyone that doesn't know me. Is that a gift?