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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

short story made shorter, and then a little longer

Second week of working extra early wore me out, just need more sleep than that.  Was getting up at 3:45 to run into work and then getting home at 6PM, and the whole day I was on my feet of course.  Anywho, I was tired and didn't run except at the gym during the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.  And yes, I was wearing my Packer T mi padre sent me, thanks Pa!  

On a side note Patch (a non-running friend) has decided he is pacing me for the P2P race and is excited.  Kid has no idea what he is getting into, but it will be entertaining:)  


  1. how the hell is he going to do that? He does know it means right? and you told him how far it is?

  2. Oh god, I told him everything! I will do another quick post with the link to the page with the elevation map. You can have a pacer join in at mile 65, then in or out at 83. So you have those two spots, and I explained to him the elevation changes in the course and asked him if he was scared, and he said he wasn't worried:) I told him I was terrified for myself, and he should be scared, that is healthy. Will continue on next post...

  3. I starting to think YOU died the way posting on this blog is going. Btw, started posting again on Run For It. I did an 8k last weekend, it was fun, nice to get out and race again. It was probably the chillest race I have ever done and actually might be one of my best times when taken in context.