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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I remember from Dean's appearence

Dean Karnazes gets a lot of shit, and he has a lot of admirers.  This is my take on him, and I have not read his book; he is just a guy, a guy who has done some very impressive things, and yes others have done more impressive things, and others yet have not done more impressive things.  But all in all, he is a guy doing what he loves, and I love that.  

Ok, so I bought some tickets for this speaker thing he was doing through North Face when he came to Portland.  Seemed like a real decent guy and this was a couple of months ago, end of last year or something.  Anyways, the thing that I remember that really sticks out for me is something I keep coming back to.  He was commenting on a question he usually gets, how does he stay so motivated.  And he replied something to the extent of (not an exact quote by any means) --- I don't know, I just do what I love and I don't have to worry about being motivated.  

I thought that was great.  Do what you love, then do what you should, then do what you must, and fuck the rest.  Now that is good and I just came up with it!  Ha!!! How do you like me now!  I know it is obvious but worth mentioning, not to excuse anything, but to give the read of feel for me.  I don't proof read, go back, or really care too much about proper sentence structure.  I try to just write how I think and how I talk, so it is a little in-coherent and improper.  P.S. that quote is awesome, maybe I should put that somewhere important on this blog:)

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