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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trouble is where I chill

My knee is in trouble, because it is giving me some trouble and I don't plan on quitting.  First week back to try running.  Made it 1 mile up hill which was good, then headed on a slight downhill and instant pain.  Apparently where my calve tendon hooks on to my femur has a penchant for coming a little loose.  This is right on my hamstring just above my knee.  It manifests it's self by my knee feeling like it is locking up and I can't put weight on it.  Remedied, albeit temporarily, by some very intense massaging to the area.  Made it home walking.  

Went out 2 days later (yesterday) and ran at a crazy slow pace, just a half notch faster than a casual walk.  Made it 3 miles though without the same pain.  Knees feel a little tender today, but I can run again.  To get to the first aid station in the race will now take more effort than I have ever put out in a run.  I would be lying if I would say I am not worried, but I will keep doing all the training I can and just see what I can do when the day comes.  Faith and strength, faith and strength is what I need now.

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  1. I think its time you start looking for a wheelchair. That or a bionic limb. (pshew! pshew! Pshew!) That is me shooting lasers out of my bionic finger. Aren't you jealous?